Terms of Service

Acceptance Of Terms

The service of Used Air Bags gives subjects the following terms and conditions to update at any time without providing any new notice to you. The "Terms & Conditions" hypertext links review the late version.

Private Properties

The Airbag policy is all about privacy policy. We authorize you to use the website solely for buying and locating recycled airbags. With no limitation, you can't make anything public on any website, or otherwise, reproduce, copy, store or sell the information with little commercial gains without consent in writing with USED ABS for sale. We give you a personal service, thus giving the website or information is non-assignable. Also, there is a limitation with these terms is unauthorized and strictly prohibited.


We require service to open the account and complete the registration process by giving the current, complete and with the prompts of the applicable registration form. When talking about the credentials, you should have your username and password. This is the responsibility for the next attempt to log in.

Hence, you are responsible for all activities that occur under the account. We are not liable for the loss of that incur someone else's password or account either with or without knowledge. However, you shouldn't be held responsible for the losses incurred by USED Airbags at any time without giving consent to the account holder.

All our account holders give agreement that when giving on behalf of a third party, to register or make a purchase on the website with the authority of the third-party cardholder having explained the terms and conditions to the third party. Now, it becomes a customer's responsibility to update the account if and when the address changes and unless otherwise requested in writing the order and shipment to the current address on the account.


Our site is not responsible for the links site content, changes or updates to such sites. It has no affiliations with these companies and therefore, surfs at its own risk.


With the constant changes in the airbags, we encourage everyone to contact NHTSA to check if the vehicle is on the recall list or not. Further, we guarantee that during the time of purchase, all our airbags in inventories are checked against the online database for update by a manufacturer-authorized agent solely on the record-keeping from the website and process in place by independent manufacturer taking no responsibility for how to handle this process. When you accept our terms and conditions, we adhere to NHTSA.gov’s website and agree that the process is in place by each independent manufacturer taking no responsibility in handling the procedure.

By accepting the terms and conditions you agree that you’ll hold AEI harmless ( as per the section “ Hold Harmless”) if the airbag purchased from the company results in injury or death.


We are not a manufacturer of any of the accessories related to such safety equipment to verify whether the vehicle is on the recall list. In our inventories, all our recycled airbags are responsible for the airbags inspected and approved by the installer. You agree to us that you’ll not hold USED AIRBAGS liable for damages or injuries from faulty airbags or purchased accessories from the company as per the section titled(Not Harmless). There is no liability like that. In addition, when your purchase service is outsourced to the company, you agree that there is no liability for the issue related to that service or the performance of such parts.


Our Customers agree that the completed orders go through the website and are delivered to the original shipping address as defined by the customer. In No exception, the package will be rerouted to a different address or left at the pick-up location. They are available to sign and will take control of the package as per the contract with the carrier and make attempts to the warehouse location. And forfeits all the expenses of the original order.


All the discount offers should be there before the order is completed or the transaction is approved. It is subjected to the terms as presented to offer and exceptions made. The discount is offered for online orders and is initiated while applying on the website. Online offers are not accepted by telephone.